K-Means is one of the most important algorithms when it comes to Machine learning

A Hospital Care chain wants to open a series of Emergency-Care wards within a region. We assume that the hospital knows the location of all the maximum accident-prone areas in the region. They have to decide the number of the Emergency Units to be opened and the location of these Emergency Units, so that all the accident-prone areas are covered in the vicinity of these Emergency Units.

The challenge is to decide the location of these Emergency Units so that the whole region is covered. …

📌 In this task :

👉Create a model that will detect a car in a live stream or video and recognize characters on number plate of the car .

👉Secondly , it will use the characters and fetch the owners information using RTO API’s .

👉Create a Web portal where all this information will be displayed (using html,css,and js

Here we have imported some libary then trained our model to detect number plate of our car

There’s no denying that JavaScript is everywhere, but just how are some of the world’s largest tech companies using JavaScript? For these companies, JavaScript is immensely important, and that doesn’t look like it’s going to change any time soon.


PayPal has obviously been using JavaScript on the front end of their website for a long time, but that’s only the beginning.

The online payment giant was one of the earliest adopters of NodeJS. During an overhaul of their account overview page, they decided to try building the page in Node at the same time as their usual Java development. The…

These days, when everyone is working for home, there’s a lot less opportunity to just casually ask your office colleagues if they’ve received a suspicious email like the one you just got. And attackers know it, driving a 300% increase in cybercrime since the start of the pandemic. It’s always good practice to check every link before you click on it, but of course, busy employees can get careless.

Confusion matrix is a fairly common term when it comes to machine learning. Today I would be trying to relate the importance of confusion matrix when considering the cyber crimes.


Task Description 📄

📌 GUI container on the Docker

🔅 Launch a container on docker in GUI mode

🔅 Run any GUI software on the container

1.) check status of Docker

Task Description

👉 Pull the Docker container image of CentOS image from DockerHub and create a new container

👉 Install the Python software on the top of docker container

👉 In Container you need to copy/create machine learning model which you have created in jupyter notebook

Docker should be installed

step1-Docker –version to check the version of docker

Basic about docker how you can pull and push your image on docker hub

here its google drive you can go through it

chayan deokar

learing always make man perfect

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